This is a project about uncomfortable questions.

It’s about making musical devices that don’t work the way they should.

It’s about memory and remembering and listening and forgetting.

It’s about hearing something for the last time. It’s about acceptance.

Three instruments have been made, which I've called Volumes. Each volume will have an accompanying essay going into the reasons behind the design, and all of the resources will be available for you to see how they were made, and make one for yourself. Making them might help you, like it's helped me.

All of this is on a website. It's nearly ready to show the world. Signing up to this mailing list means you'll know when it's live.

I'll send you a message each time I update the Book of Knowledge. There will be an update for each of the three volumes as they are released, and perhaps one or two more at the end. So, four or five emails in total over the next month or two. That's it. Thanks. 

- Yann

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